In search of lived times

“Become flowers or houses or people, solid and recognizable, from my cup of tea.”

Episode of the madeleine, In Search of Lost Time, Marcel Proust

Near the beginning of  his masterpiece In Search of Lost Time, Proust dunks a madeleine cookie into a cup of tea, and the scent unleash a torrent of childhood memories for around 3000 pages.

Our jewerly collection In Search of Lived Times, inspired in Proust's famous novel, talks about the Olfactory memory, the Psyschology of The Fragance and how the human brain interacts with essences. This way, we invite people to reflect and start an adventure trip through their own memories connected to smell, in which the main scope will be catch one of this memories and preserve it by putting in a glass necklace. In this way, you could always have your memories and identity on you.

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